Trying to find my way through the secrets and the devils.

Writings by Robb S.

Remember this: the world doesn’t love you, nor does it hate you. So you have to look out for yourself, and look out for others. Have patience, drive at or below the speed limit, indulge in moderation, respect, show kindness, eat vegetables and drink water, go for a walk and embrace the sun. Be ambitious, challenge yourself, talk to others. Mistakes will be made - we aren’t meant for perfection. Don’t be violent. Forgive. Laugh. Show trust, give love, and don’t be afraid to get it back. Breathe. Keep moving. Keep moving.

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Billie Holiday - I’ll be seeing you

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"hiring entry level positions"


requirements: 10 years experience in space station repair, masters degree in ancient serbian civilizations, unmatched knowledge of silkworm breeding, full understanding of teleportation mechanics and physics

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This is my “8th Star Wars Shirt!” face. 

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This is my “8th Star Wars Shirt!” face. 

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Star Wars Trilogy artwork - Noriyoshi Ohrai

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In 1997, Last Unicorn gave Zug the chance at recreating Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ through a new trading card series. He was originally told to base his work off of David Lynch’s film, but after complications with licensing, “they told me to avoid similarity to Lynch’s visuals” says Mark Zug.

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Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)

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Megyn has her moments

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I guess, perhaps, it didn’t mean anything. Any of it. In the end I knew that the blood spilled on account of your heart wouldn’t suffice, just as the looks you gave willingly were for show. You left, there in the trees I held close, with a smile. And your hair wove in the wind. As if on fire.

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